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At PCN Pharma Locums we understand that your specialised clinical and prescribing roles are an essential part in supporting our primary care evolve into a more integrated, efficient and enhanced service for patients.  Your expertise together with your flexibility to step in to bridge the service gaps in primary care, ensuring uninterrupted patient care is invaluable. 


Why Choose Us?

🔓 Access to Exclusive Jobs

We often have exclusive contracts with specific primary care providers , granting you access to job openings that are not advertised elsewhere. We’re committed to finding you the best opportunities that align with your skills, availability and compensation expectation. Whether you’re seeking short-term placements or long-term assignments, we’ve got you covered.

👂 Individualised Attention

Since we are a boutique recruitment agency, we prioritise on building strong, long-term relationships with our candidates. Our wonderful consultants  take the time to understand your preferences, availability and skills. We are more invested in your success and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we source the right job for you. 

💷  Competitive Compensation

We may be a smaller agency but we place ourselves at a stronger negotiating power with our clients than larger agencies with bigger overheads thus providing you with the best rates of pay. 

💼 Effortless Registration 

Joining our agency is easy! Our user-friendly registration process ensures you can start exploring locum and permanent  opportunities in no time.


Ready to get started?

Join PCN Pharma Locums today and let’s embark on this exciting journey together, ensuring you make a difference where it’s needed the most. 

Register with us today and take the first step towards your next locum or permanent assignment!

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